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Pinafore was discontinued at the end of 1937. It was no longer officially "in print" or part of the ML. Like many other discontinued titles, some copies remained in the warehouse and were eventually sold as remainders. There were probably also a few copies on bookstore shelves that could be purchased at the regular price, but booksellers could not have ordered more copies to replenish stock. The Great Gatsby is another example. It was published in the ML in 1934 in a printing of 5,000 copies. Sales probably didn't even reach 3,000 copies by the time it was discontinued at the end of 1938. Then in fall 1939 the leftover stock was disposed of as remainders at a fraction of the original retail price of 95 cents. Gatsby and several other titles that were remaindered at this time were outfitted with newly printed jackets stamped DISCONTINUED TITLE. I have no idea why that was done, but it aptly described the title's status: no longer in print, no longer obtainable from the publish
r for sale in bookstores at the regular price, but available through remainder dealers at a fraction of the original price. Out of print, but not out of existence. Macy's and many other "bargain book" outlets sold remainders. Macy's no longer sells books at all, but there are plenty of stores where you can still buy remainders for a dollar or two.


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>The guide indicates #113.1 (Gilbert's Pinafore) ended in 1937.  #113.2 (Pearson's Studies in Murder) took over the number in the Spring of 1938 (1st DJ 257), so the Gilbert end date seems to make sense.
>However, a copy of #113.1 (Gilbert's Pinafore) has been found in a dust jacket with 265 titles on the inside, indicating a Spring 1939 printing.  This implies rather strongly that #113.1 DJs were being printed at the same time as #113.2 DJs.  Same number, different titles.  In print at the same time.
>I don't recall seeing this before.  Certainly different titles with the same number could well have been on shelves for sale; but this shows concurrent printing of different titles with the same number (at least with respect to the jacket).
>By the way, the Gilbert jacket had a Discontinued stamp on it.
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