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Barry, thanks for the observation and info.

After reading John Wolansky's message, I looked at my Faulkners, and sure 
enough I have the BOMC copy of THE REIVERS, and sure enough, on the back of 
the dust jacket is the same picture.  I hadn't pulled this off the shelf for 
so long that I didn't  remember the picture was there.  Anyway, it is the 
same picture as on the front of the Brooks 1983 dust jacket.  Curiously, the 
BOMC edition photograph is credited simply to Phyllis Cerf rather than 
Phyllis Cerf Wagner.  The copyright of THE REIVERS is 1962, and BOMC 
typically put its edition out close to when the original was published.  So 
the 1956 photo was being used in 1962 and 1983.  I wonder how many other 
dust jackets this obviously stock photo appeared on.

Ron Thoman

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> I'm sure this was taken at the Random House offices. They definitely had 
> shelves of ML books -- at least they did when Faulkner was alive, and they 
> did when Klopfer was still alive. Phyllis Cerf was Bennett Cerf's wife. 
> She became Phyllis Cerf Wagner when she married the former mayor of New 
> York after Cerf's death.
> Barry
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>>   Sounds like the same photo on the back of the jacket
>>   for The Reivers by Falkner.  I have a BMOC edition
>>   dated 1962 with the photo and I think it was
>>   discussed on this board at some point in the past
>>   and the locatin of the books was mentioned.  I think
>>   it was at Random House, but way uncertain.  Someone
>>   with a better memory on this site will correct me if
>>   I am wrong.
>>   John
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>>   From time to time we've shared information on the
>>   appearance of Modern Library in films and other
>>   media.  Maybe the following has already been shared,
>>   but just in case it wasn't, I thought some of you
>>   might find this of interest:
>>   I just picked up a copy of Cleanth Brooks' book of
>>   criticism/interpretation WILLIAM FAULKNER: FIRST
>>   ENCOUNTER, Yale University Press, 1983.  On the
>>   front cover of the dust jacket is a photograph of
>>   Faulkner paging through a (ML?) book standing in
>>   front of at least four shelves of exclusively Modern
>>   Library books, all in dust jackets and in numerical
>>   order.  Clearly the photograph captures only a part
>>   of the shelving containing the many more
>>   volumes.  The top two shelves in the picture are all
>>   standard size MLs, and the bottom two shelves are
>>   all Giants.  The photo is copyrighted 1956, so the
>>   books have to date from then back.  From the
>>   appearance of the dust jackets they all look to be
>>   post-1939.
>>   Who's shelves/books could these be?  The photo is
>>   copyrighted by Phyllis Cerf Wagner.  Could this be
>>   Bennet Cerf's daughter or other relative and the
>>   photo taken at Random House, which was Faulkner's
>>   publisher?  Does anyone know if Random House had and
>>   displayed shelves of all the Modern Library books?
>>   Ron Thoman
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