[ModLib] Green Mansions jacket question

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Mon Sep 1 22:04:25 EDT 2008

In spring 1946 or a little earlier the ML began using Illustrated Modern Library plates for regular ML printings of GREEN MANSIONS. I don't have this in a jacket, and I need to know for my bibliography which jacket was used.

Please check your collection and let me know if you have a jacketed copy of GREEN MANSIONS with *all* of the following specifications:

1) the text ends on p. 254;
2) each chapter opening has a black and white illustration;
3) the title page does NOT include the statement "Illustrated by E. McKnight Kauffer" (this was added to the title page around 1949)

I need to know if the jacket is the one shown on modernlib.com dated 1944 (in green and gold depicting a woman lying under a tree with a bird perched on her hand, signed Galdone) or the later jacket dated 1954 (in deep green showing a woman's face in profile, signed E. McKnight Kauffer).

My copy of the book, with a spring 1946 ML list at the end, lacks a jacket. I have a spring 1944 printing (289 p.) with the Galdone jacket and a spring 1954 printing (with Kauffer credited on the title page) with the McKnight Kauffer jacket.

I'll greatly appreciate your help. If you have what I'm looking for, let me know which jacket is used and the date of the jacket using the ML dating key.

Many thanks!
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