[ModLib] Can anyone date this Ulysses DJ?

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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I date this from the mid-1970s. My copy of the jacket gives the price as $5.95, which I believe was in effect from 1975-78. The book has a Fujita binding and is printed on cheap ground wood paper which is turning brown. Ulysses appeared in the "reissue" format on decent paper with the jacket designed by R.D. Scudellari in fall 1979, priced initially at $6.95.

The text of Ulysses was reset in 1961. I've seen a fall 1961 Giants jacket with front flap text reading "For this new Modern Library edition, the text has been scrupulously corrected, the type has been completely reset and new plates have been made."

I believe the marginal page numbers were added to the plates in the 1970s. The first printing from the revised plates may have been for a Vintage Books paperback. At some point the ML bound up copies of Vintage paperbacks with marginal page numbers in MLG bindings. I don't know which came first -- a MLG printing with marginal page numbers or a Vintage printing printing with marginal page numbers in a MLG binding. It's possible that only a few Vintage paperbacks were bound in MLG bindings as a stopgap until additional copies of the Giant could be printed.


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>Regular contributor Scott Tilley uncovered a Ulysses DJ not in the  
>database. (AMAZING how these DJs keep popping up!!!) This one, clearly  
>from the 1967 - 1971 period because of the logo at the upper right,  
>differs from the 1967 one already in the database by the inscription  
>"With marginal page numbers to the 1934 first American Edition" at the  
>bottom. See it here:
>I've dated it 1968 in a pure guess. Anybody know for sure?
>Further, my 1940 edition doesn't have the marginal page numbers. Would  
>folks check their 1961 - 1971 editions and tell me if they have these  
>marginal page numbers? Do the numbers appear in the post-61 with both  
>djs or just in the one that says the marginal pagination is present?
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