[ModLib] Can anyone date this Ulysses DJ?

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Sat Oct 25 14:24:41 EDT 2008


Regular contributor Scott Tilley uncovered a Ulysses DJ not in the  
database. (AMAZING how these DJs keep popping up!!!) This one, clearly  
from the 1967 - 1971 period because of the logo at the upper right,  
differs from the 1967 one already in the database by the inscription  
"With marginal page numbers to the 1934 first American Edition" at the  
bottom. See it here:


I've dated it 1968 in a pure guess. Anybody know for sure?

Further, my 1940 edition doesn't have the marginal page numbers. Would  
folks check their 1961 - 1971 editions and tell me if they have these  
marginal page numbers? Do the numbers appear in the post-61 with both  
djs or just in the one that says the marginal pagination is present?


Scot Kamins
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