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Giants published in fall 1941 were G57 (Brooks, Flowering of New England) and G58 (Malraux, Man's Fate). If you look inside the jacket (not just the back flap) the complete list of fall 1941 titles should be headed WHICH OF THESE 278 OUTSTANDING BOOKS DO YOU WANT TO READ? and the list of Giants should go through G58. If this is the case your copy of Whitman's Leaves of Grass dates from fall 1941.

If the list inside the jacket is headed WHICH OF THESE 271 TITLES ... and lists Giants through G56 it's a spring 1941 list.

Having said this, the ML messed up its lists at this period. The fall 1941 list appeared inside the jackets of many spring 1942 titles, and the spring 1942 list appeared on dj's of most fall 1942 titles.

The Giants dating key skips G57 because G57 and G58 were both published in fall 1941.

The price of Giants in 1941 was $1.25. The price went up to $1.45 in 1942, and the ML provided booksellers with gummed stickers with the $1.45 price so they could sell all Giants in stock at the current price.


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>   Greetings to all:
>   Today I purchased a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of
>   Grass, G50 in a G4 binding, Gc rear panel to the DJ.
>   The rear flap states "A Complete List of the 278
>   titles..."  It also lists the top thirty
>   best-selling Giants thru G57.
>   The front flap has a sticker of $1.45 over the
>   printed price.  The verso of the DJ lists Giants
>   thru G56.
>   Am I correct in dating this copy as Spring 1941?
>   Why does the dating key skip over G57?
>   Thanks,
>   Brian
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