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robert e. watling jr. rewatlingjr at comcast.net
Sat Oct 11 16:59:14 EDT 2008

I went to the 35th Annual Friends of the Library Used Book Sale today here  
in Portland, Oregon. I thought it would be mostly books retired from  
library service. I was wrong. There were many books of all varieties. I  
hadn't hoped to find any Modern Library volumes. Wrong again. I had twenty  
dollars to spend and quit when I got to that level so I wouldnt have to  
start picking and choosing. Here is what I got:

Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis, w/dj - 1.50
The Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson - 1.50
Sister Carrie - Dreiser - 1.50
Great Modern Short Stories - 1.50
Best Ghost Stories - 1.50
The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes, giant w/dj - 1.50
Faust - 3.00
The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, giant - 6.00

For me, the real treasure in the bunch was the Justice Holmes. I had a  
copy before without dj. I'd actually read most of it and really enjoyed  
being able to read some of his Supreme Court decisions and gain some  
insight into how some of those things are decided. I had to practically  
beg to get it back from some lawyer friends who borrowed it. I lost it as  
previously mentioned in my last divorce.

In one fell swoop or as my mother would say: "one swell foop", whatever  
that means, I  tripled my ML collection. I'm thrilled and most of these  
are books I'll actually read.

So now my collection comprizes the above titles and:

The Wisdom of China and India, Lin Yutang, giant
The Making of Society, w/dj
The Wisdom of Lao Tse
Varieties of Religious Experience, William James

Great fun in Portland, Oregon

"Cogito ergo...how does that go again?"...rewjr.

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