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"even though it's dated"
This may be of some interest to collectors.
I still sell a average of one copy of the Guide per week even. at this late date. 
The information contained therein other then the pricing of the books is of great value to the collector.
A sad point; 90% of my sales are to book stores or other dealers and only 10% to collectors of the series....well, let's look at it another way, all  collectors obtained a Guide years ago.


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Modern Library fans,

I decided to plug in estimated values for�the numerous titles in my Modern Library Complete database.� I was using Toladano's 2000 price guide (even though its dated,�its a better estimate than I could produce on my own)�and I�ran into a problem when I got to Anderson; Winesburg Ohio.� There doesn't seem to be any indaction of pricing for later copies of leatherettes with jackets.� There are suggested price for
1) vg/vg jacket first� - $220
2) vg non-jacket first -�$17
3) vg/vg jacketed limp�- $21 and
4) vg/vg jacketed hardbacks $9
I haven't been able to obtain any jacket letherettes and the few non-jacketed ones I always knew were not worth a whole lot so I've never paid much for them.� Consequently, I have never used the price guide for guidance with leatherettes, although I have use it a lot for balloon cloths and hardback.� How do the rest of you make any use of it when it comes to jacketed non-first leherettes?

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