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Fri Oct 10 15:14:58 EDT 2008

Modern Library fans,

I decided to plug in estimated values for the numerous titles in my Modern Library Complete database.  I was using Toladano's 2000 price guide (even though its dated, its a better estimate than I could produce on my own) and I ran into a problem when I got to Anderson; Winesburg Ohio.  There doesn't seem to be any indaction of pricing for later copies of leatherettes with jackets.  There are suggested price for
1) vg/vg jacket first  - $220
2) vg non-jacket first - $17
3) vg/vg jacketed limp - $21 and
4) vg/vg jacketed hardbacks $9
I haven't been able to obtain any jacket letherettes and the few non-jacketed ones I always knew were not worth a whole lot so I've never paid much for them.  Consequently, I have never used the price guide for guidance with leatherettes, although I have use it a lot for balloon cloths and hardback.  How do the rest of you make any use of it when it comes to jacketed non-first leherettes?

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