[ModLib] Re: Modern Library, National Geographic, Brintanica and Classis Clubs.

Charles Smith chasmith7 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 10 10:07:03 EDT 2008

As others have noted, the similarities in collecting interests (meaning MLs,
National Geographic, and the Britannica) are fascinating.  It's also kind of
interesting to hear how many ML collections have been given up in divorces!!

My ML collection is modest -- about 250, consisting only of those I find
interesting, at prices that seem reasonable to me when I see them in stores
and at library sales.  I don't actively pursue them online or otherwise.

About ten years ago someone gave me a wonderful collection of NGs -- solid
back through the 1950s and nearly so through the 1940s or 1930s with a good
smattering of earlier issues.  I'm a map fiend, particularly NG's, so I've
made attempts off and on at accumulating a good NG map collection -- at
least one copy for the issue and others for handling, etc.

Someone later got me going on Britannicas by giving me a set of the 11th
(Cambridge, on India paper) that's wonderful except for the usual
deterioration of the leather spines.  I subsequently found a beautiful set
of the edition dedicated to JFK and Queen Elizabeth, in the Britannica
bookshelves, that I also treasure.  Another related passion has been the
Webster 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Those and the Britannicas are beautiful and
scholarly reference works that make for the most incredible browsing and of
course look fabulous on the shelves.

It's great hearing about all of these.  Keep the posts coming.

Charles (Danbury, CT)
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