[ModLib] References to MLs in reading and reading MLs

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On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 13:23:23 -0700, Brian LeMasters  
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> Greetings to all.  Welcome, Rob.  My interest in MLs runs close to  
> yours. I am reading /A Passion for Books: /..Stories, Essays, Humor,  
> etc.  An excerpt from Robertson Davies on Book Collecting refers to the  
> "snobbbery" of book collecting.  He comments that upon seeing the  
> pristine copy of an acquaintance's book of which this collector of  
> minutia was so obsessed, he wanted to say how much he enjoyed reading  
> his tattered Modern Library edition every year.  I admit paying upwards  
> of $35 apiece for some titles that I just could not live without  
> (limiting the size of my collection, also).  I still have not fully  
> defined the desire within myself to buy MLs... I go for value in most of  
> my other purchases.  I think that I am just awed with the amount of  
> minutia surrounding MLs, not to mention the touch and smell.
>  I have seen copies of Book Row on ebay. It has been on my reading list  
> for awhile.
>  Brian

Well, Brian,
i recommend it. It really evokes the old book store experience. And some  
of the characters depicted are much like those I've run into. My first old  
book store experience was when I was in the 4th or 5th grade in New  
Albany, Indiana. My mother sent me several blocks away to a dingy dusty  
old place to get a copy of Gregg's Typing. She knew exactly where it was  
in the store and based on her direction I went right to it. I still  
remember the appearance and smell of the place. I was hooked. I can even  
remember the size and feel of the book. It was a thin volume with a  
greenish cloth cover with black printing on it. I love those places. Any  
way, get the Book Row book. I'm really enjoying it...thanks...rob.

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