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Yes, we have been perhaps, we have said all that has been worth saying over the years regarding the series.
One of the great things about collecting ML is, sooner or later one gets 'round reading  titles that you should have read and never read before...I have just finished reading,The World According To Gap...John Irving can write. 


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Hi Scott et al,
My name is Robert Watling, Rob to you. I live in Portland, Oregon so I'm a  
new neighbor to Scott. I've collected and read Modern Library books for  
some years. I lost most of my collection in a divorce a year ago, keeping  
my reading copy of Varieties of Religious Experience and The Wisdom of Lao  
Tse out of a collection of about 100 or so. Modest I admit, but I'd read  
most of them. I collect titles that interest me. I don't care much about  
the details, I'll pick one up regardless of condition, just because I  
don't have it. I look on ebay but prefer the hunt, old bookstores, thrift  
stores, goodwills, yard sales. I love scanning the shelves and the thrill  
of seeing that familiar spine or dust jacket. I've gotten many for nothing  
 from friends who know I like them and the most I've paid it ten bucks for  
The Wisdom of China and India, giant edition, at a bookstore here in  
Portland. Lately I've been using the Portland Library, Multnoma County  
Library to be precise, mainly because the economy is keeping me out of  
stores. I've been reading a book called Book Row, not ML, but an  
interesting account of the collection of antiquarian bookstores centered  
around 4th avenue in New York around the turn of the last century. I can  
smell the places now. The ML tie-in here is the passage in which  
bookseller David Kirschenbaum was interviewed. "He remembered Albert Boni  
as a "remarkable man" whom he had known since 1911 and who "had a place on  
Eighth Street, number forty-five." This was the same Boni who switched  
 from selling to publishing and, in partnership with Horace Liveright as  
Boni & Liveright, inaugurated the Modern Library of the Worlds Best Books  
reprint series that has introduced countless readers to the masterworks of  
literature." It was that book and that passage that rekindled my interest  
in ML books and led me to this group. I look forward to meeting others  
here, though Scott tells me the group has been quiet for awhile. Maybe you  
have just been waiting for new blood, although I thing the dust of old  
books flows through my veins...rob.

If you understand, things are just as they are;

If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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