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> Date: October 4, 2008 4:38:22 PM PDT
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> Subject: Modern Library in a book club .... A Question
> Hi,
> My name is John DeForest, I'm a used book dealer of some number of  
> years experience in New York. My partner and I sell as Brothertown  
> Books. I had an open shop for some twenty years, but now sell only  
> on line.
> I've got the Toledano Modern Library Guide, but have come upon a  
> question concerning  Modern Library  that  I don't find covered (or  
> couldn't find)  in the Guide.  Believe me, considering the  
> weightiness of so many questions facing the world, I realize this is  
> a question of lightweight significance.  :)
> Sitting in front of me is Modern Library  #158, "7 Famous Greek  
> Plays" edited by Oates and O'Neill. It is solidly - by binding, etc  
> - a 1963 edition. The dust-jacket is priced. However under the  
> copyright statement and acknowledgment of rights for translation  
> there is printed the letter 'W'. I am aware that in most modern  
> books this letter 'W'  signifies a book club edition, or so I have  
> been led to believe.  However I was not aware that Modern Library  
> editions had ever been picked up by any of the various book clubs,  
> and the presence of the price on the jacket flap sort of lays that  
> to rest -- sort of.
> I am aware, I believe,  that there was a brief  but aborted attempt  
> by Modern Library, itself, to establish a book club, but I think  
> that was later than 1963. I have plowed through a great many copies  
> of The Atlantic and similar magazines from that year which featured  
> many promotional ads for the various book clubs of the time, but  
> nowhere do I see Modern Library mentioned, which makes sense to me,  
> because why would a book that was already so inexpensive be further  
> discounted ?-- unless as a promotional thrust.
> So my question is: What does the 'W' on the copyright page of a  
> Modern Library book signify? Were Modern Library titles picked up by  
> any of the book clubs?
> Thanking you for your time, and hoping to hear the answer to my query,
> Kind Regards,
> John DeForest,
> Brothertown Books
> 2792 State Rte. 12B
> Deanboro, N.Y.
> 13328
> eBay selling name: brothertownbooks
> PHONE: 315 841 8371
> EMAIL:   brothertownbooks at brothertownbooks.com
> EMAIL:   brothertownbooks at aol.com

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