[ModLib] modern library inscriptions,too

acpertusi at aim.com acpertusi at aim.com
Thu Nov 20 16:26:10 EST 2008

  While I have sold-off many of my ML collection
  I have held back 3 or 4 hardbacks books that contain writings
  from previous owners that truly captivate the imagination.
  For example:A High Wind In Jamaica #112
   Please remember dear,it's today---there is no tomorrow.
   After this--------if you miss me only a little---------.
   I have other books just as personal in nature ( On War #G22,
   Short Bible #57.4 )
   The Short Bible must have been a book that Cerf wished he
    could have back. Does anyone know if there was a rhyme or
   reason to what was left out?
   The Illustrated edition contains both Old and New Testament
   of the King James version. Why short the Short Bible?-

   Anthony Pertusi
   acpertusi at aol.com

   By the way does anyone have ( for sale) the second edition
   of the Holy Bible. I have kept all of of my Illustrated books
   (all titles , all packaging types). I consider the Illustrated books
   to be the crown jewels of the collection, and will keep them.

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