[ModLib] Found in Books

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 12:44:34 EST 2008

The nicest items that I've found inside ML are the advertising brochures.  I've picked up three of them tucked inside the books.  In a couple of cases I bought the book just to get the advertising pamphlet.  As a consequence of the first of these finds I always pull every ML I see off the shelf and flip through the pages to see if there's anything inside that's of more interest than the book itself.  I kinda collect bookmarks also.  On occasion I have transferred a bookmark from a book I had no interest in to another one that I was going to buy anyway.
I have a little pencil pouch in my 3-ring binder that I deposit most everything that I find inside books I've purchased - notes, bills of sale, business cards that have nothing to do with books, etc..., it makes a rather interesting collection even though collectively these item are worthless.

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