[ModLib] Re: Tell Me More

Toby G Levy tobylevy at juno.com
Wed Nov 19 07:50:28 EST 2008

OK, you've forced me to tell my favorite "found in books" story.

My friend and I went to a garage sale where there were a goodly amount of
books and magazines for sale. We later found out that the woman was
selling all of her husband's stuff who had committed suicide some time
ago.  Anyway, my friend asked if she had any other books that she might
like to sell that weren't put out.  So she took us down to her basement
and we saw a nice collection of the Pogo trade paperbacks from the 50s
and 60s.  My friend asked how much she wanted for them and she said she
wan't sure and started flipping through one of the volumes.  Money
started falling from the pages of the book like rain! Twenties and tens! 
So she turned to us with and with a very straight face said, "I'm not
quite ready to get of these"  and marched us back upstairs.

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