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On Fri, 14 Nov 2008 13:51:56 -0800, J B Krygier <jbkrygier at owu.edu> wrote:

> One of the great joys of collecting old books, especially ML's, is  
> finding little pieces of ephemera in them.

My wife gave me a gift card to Powell's City of Books here in Portland.  
Her mother had given it to her a few years ago for Christmas and since  
I've been such a good boy she passed it on to me. I went immediately to  
the cashier to see how much was still on it and was told "66.06". Well you  
can imagine I thought I might be able to use that. She even gave me ten  
dollars cash in case I went over. Powell's is unique in that it sells new  
and used books side by side on the same shelves. At least Powell's claims  
its a unique practice. I know it's good enough for me. I went straight to  
the poetry section as that is my latest interest and found these Modern  

Twentieth-Century American Poetry w/dj - 5.00
The Decameron, Boccaccio w/dj - 7.95
Complete Poems of Keats and Shelley, G4 - 5.00
A New Anthology of Modern Poetry, G46 - 7.95

And while I know we don't like the more recent Modern Librarys here I must  
mention that I picked up Albert Einstein's Ideas and Opinions. They had  
several different editions and since I had a choice I picke up the 1994  
Modern Library edition. I'm a particular fan of Einstein and have had two  
other versions of this book including one my father gave me. I lost them  
in my divorce so I was looking for this book and got it w/dj for 7.95.

I picked up a few other books, non ML and when I got through the check out  
I had .45 left on the gift card and had to give back the 10.00 but am  
happy to have walked away with a bag full of great books!

thanks for the time,
"Cogito ergo...how does that go again?"...rewjr.

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