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This  spooky happens all the time...the more books you have the more it happens.
A major collector wished to see my copy of Kaufman & Hart. We BOTH looked for the book and could not find it.  Later that day I reasoned that the volume must have fallen behind the shelf. ...went to check; found the blook right where it should have been all the  time...Moral: two heads are not always better then one..


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A wonderful thread that I wanted to keep alive with the yin and the yang of
ML collecting.

- On the yin (or is it yang?) side: I was in a used bookstore in Seattle
several years back and found a nice edition of Hammett's Maltese Falcon
(45), nice condition, no dj, but it was a volume I had been looking for. For
some inexplicable reason I placed it back on the shelf, meaning to pick it
up after browsing through the rest of the store. When I returned about five
minutes later the prize object was gone. To this day it's a mystery (tho
hardly worthy of Hammett's league to be sure): why did it I put it back on
the shelf? And where did it go?
I did eventually find a beautiful copy with a VG DJ so the quest turned out
ok but I still wonder about that day.

- On the yang (or is it yin?) side: I was in an antique store in Bozeman, MT
and came upon a nice, clean copy of The Short Stories of Henry James, (11.3
FMLGEd). Again no DJ but only $5.00. 
A nice pickup but here is what made it extra special -- Tucked inside was a
small Northern Pacific Railway menu card, circa August, 1950.  A neat piece
of history and Americana, probably used as a bookmark on some long ago
journey on a long forgotten rail line in the year of my birth. 1950 is also
a focus of my ML collecting. 
I have to smile whenever I see this one on the shelf, which is frequently.
I've attached pictures I took of the front and back of the menu; I hope you
can see and enjoy them.

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