[ModLib] OT: Archival storage for 3.5" X 5" booklets?

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Mon Nov 10 14:19:10 EST 2008


As I've mentioned recently, my newest hobby is collecting the  
Halderman-Julius "Little Blue Books" series. There are over 2,000  
numbered titles of these guys without counting major bibliographic  
variations, so there are a lot to collect. I'll likely be starting a  
new website and mailing list for these guys. These paperbound, stapled  
booklets are 3.5" wide by 5" tall with about 64 pages in each one.

My question is: What do I store them in? They are made of very cheap  
paper, prone to brittling and browning, and need archival sleeves of  
some kind. Any source ideas for storage material?

Thanks for indulging this off-topic message,

Scot Kamins
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