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Robert, et al.,
I thinks its clear that this fellow is Ghengis Khan't Buy Enough Modern Library Books - and he is perusing the list of HIS Modern Library collection. Go Ghengis!

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Other clues:

Yes, he is holding something -- is he an early stockbroker with a clumsy
prototype of tickertape just before the crash of 1698?
I asked my daughter if is this was a father examining his daughter's report
My daughter responded by asking if this is, perhaps, the inventor of paper
Might he have a buckle (or captain's bars) on the side of his hat -- is he
in the military, a proto pilgrim or is that a reflection of light on a helmet?
He appears to have a plume emanating from the top of his hat -- is it a
feather, or perhaps, a small volcanic eruption?
Is it Haldeman-Julius, himself, looking at an early version of an Excel
spreadsheet, saying, "They ask how I do it? It's volume!"

But notice that there is a distortion as if the image were seen through a lens
or . . . Maybe a self portrait drawn from a reflection in a slightly distorted
mirror!  Ah, it is the long lost descendent of Ozymandias, now employed by
Haldeman-Julius. He has just drawn his self-portrait which will be forever
preserved for posterity and imprinted in this immortal series of books.  He is
looking at the drawings saying, "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings /
Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair."  And he thinks, "My
forefather merely had his image carved in stone.  Hey, no one will ever forget
who I am!"

(Apologies to Shelley).

Oh well, off to work -- best regards to all. 

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I'm pretty sure it's not Erasmus since Haldeman-Julius was vociferously
anti-Catholic. It looks like a generic image to me rather than one meant to
represent a specific individual -- maybe a crusading editor or printer with a
long galley proof. Haldeman-Julius's autobiographical book The First Hundred
Million (Simon and Schuster 1928) isn't indexed and has no illustrations.
There's a sizable literature about Haldeman-Julius so maybe you could find
the answer there. You could also contact the Leonard H. Axe Library at Pittsburg
State Univerity in Pittsburg, Kansas, which has a Haldeman-Julius collection.


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>> OK, but several clues should settle this: the headdress, what the  
>> guy is reading (a long sheet of paper?) and what's the name of the
>> book this is taken from? (I think the hat's wrong for Erasmus.)
>It was the logo on hundreds of early Haldeman-Julius Publications 1919  
>- 1923 or so).  Here's a link to a typical pamphlet with the logo:
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