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In my travels to Chicago, NY, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, only Bluestem in Lincoln NE has a special place for Modern Library.? Every other bookstore has them scattered about.? It is truly fun tho, to browse throught a bookstore and find one, or maybe two of the 50's and 60's volumns with dj.? Most bookstore owners consider ML to be a reprint co. and not worthy of a place in their business as they don't consider ML firsts to be actual firsts, since they are reprints.? I think the validation of ML is in the quality of literature.


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On Nov 5, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Morris, Terry wrote:?
> I'm going to Chicago in December and was wondering is anyone had a > suggestion as to a good used book store to find Modern library's??
There are a few bookstores clustered around the Univ. of Chicago on?
the near south side (including Powells), but the places I had more?
luck were up north, in the Lincoln Park area:?
Bookworks: http://thebookworks.com/?
another Powells: http://powellschicago.com/?
and Bookleggers: http://www.bookleggers.com/?
john k.?
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