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Tightwad's remorse is not quite as bad as remorse for the stupids. Early in my collecting I passed on a BL copy of Wilde's Intentions (under $10; can't remember exact price) because some chunks of the dj were missing and I simply had no idea at the time what I was looking at.
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  I've got 1221 regulars and 269 giants, just about all of them in DJs.  In addition I've got some uncatalogued-- 20 paperbacks, 37 buckrams, and ca. 30 post 2000 titles.  

  Right now, I'm suffering from tightwad's remorse from finding a #8 binding of Daudet's Sappho in a Virginia antique mall for $10, and passing on it because the back of the DJ had tiny holes in it.  Instead I bought a very nice ML that I now find I already have.  Bummer!

  John Peterson
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    I just crossed a thousand ML.  That doesn't include the dj wrapped American College Dictionary and only one double in a slipcase.  I actually like the literature and before I am dead hope to have read everyone.  I seem to be consistently at 29% of the collection read.  I don't care about variations, although I do like the oldest, but quality is paramount, and the book should have a dj, I still can't get The Man on the Flying Trapeze with a dj, but someday, thanks to ebay


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I pride myself on my ML collection...yet ,only about 1,300 or so volumes.; I 
can't comprehend  having 8,000 ML's.


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Just to set the record straight relative to EML collections: my collection
numbers about 8,000 volumes plus ephemera. Jeff Anderson's is about 1,200

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