[ModLib] Horde of Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Book SeriesAnywhere?

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You're thinking of the Armed Services Editions. These were published with the cooperation and active support of the American publishing industry. The books were paperbound, and printed on magazine presses -- the kind that printed the Reader's Digest in two columns per page. The books were distributed to American military personnel outside the United States. Bales of books were parachuted wherever American military personnel were located -- remote Pacific islands or wherever. There are several books about them. The major authority on them is John Hench, recently retired from the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass. 


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>   There was a similar series, slightly larger
>   format, printed for the US armed forces in WWII?
>   Anyone remember that series???
>   Neal
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>       See the following link for information on the
>       Little Leather Library, which was founded by
>       Albert Boni and was a forerunner of the Modern
>       Library. The link includes a posting of mine
>       about the series along with excellent postings
>       by other people.
>       http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/spec-coll/bookcolls/Smith%20Miniature%20Collection/20th%20Century%20U%20S%20Com/Haas.htm
>     Yeah. Of course, LLL and LBB were really quite
>     different series promoted by different folks. I
>     like the LBB because they're numbered, they have
>     some REALLY weird titles, and there are so many of
>     them to collect!!!
>     Hmm -- do I smell another website???
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