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I think you're referring to the Armed Services Editions.  The Library  of 
Congress published a guidebook a few years ago by a staffer named Cole, I  
believe.  They were much larger than the LLL or LBB (which were  shirt-pocket size); 
printed on the same presses as the pulp fiction  magazines, which couldn't 
get paper for their civilian clientele; run two  up and then cut in two.  There 
were actually two slightly different  sizes.
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There was a similar series, slightly larger format, printed for  the US armed 
forces in WWII? Anyone remember that series??? 

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See the following link for information on the Little Leather Library,  which 
was founded by Albert Boni and was a forerunner of the Modern  Library. The 
link includes a posting of mine about the series along with  excellent postings 
by other people.

Yeah. Of course, LLL and LBB were really quite different series  promoted by 
different folks. I like the LBB because they're numbered, they  have some 
REALLY weird titles, and there are so many of them to  collect!!!

Hmm -- do I smell another website???

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