[ModLib] Horde of Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Book Series Anywhere?

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Are they medium blue with typo covers?  For the group; if this is the series
I think, and I think it is, I understand they were illegal because they had
no respect for copyrights. They are essentially extracts from the books
whose titles they show on the cover.  A few years ago I was at a bookstore
in New York and was given a free one with the explanation above.  The store
had quite a few, not thinking there was a market for them.  When I find the
name of the store, I will send you the name.

John Wolansky

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I recently discovered a series of numbered books (pamphlets really,  
about 64 pages each) called the Little Blue Books. These guys started  
around 1919 and there are around 2,000 titles (more, actually). I  
think I'd like to start a collection of these. Anybody know where I  
can buy a large lot of these cheap?


Scot Kamins
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