[ModLib] Horde of Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Book Series Anywhere?

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Hello Scot,
Can't remember details, but there are two series, or three, depending on  how 
you count.  Little Leather Library (red and green cover series) and  Little 
Blue Books.  All roughly the same size.  I believe you can find  interesting 
writeups on Google and/or Wikipedia.  Maybe there is a complete  list.
Haldeman-Julius published the Little Blue Books.  Something of a  
left-winger, as I recall.  Books were used as premiums in cereal  boxes.
Little Leather Library are actually leather, but still very thin.
One of these are sometimes found in special little boxes made to fit a  bunch 
of maybe 25 volumes.
But the neat thing is that one of them has a connection to Modern  Library.  
Maybe bought out by Boni?  I can't remember, but there is a  connection.
Probably your best source is (no surprise) eBay.  Buy em by the  box.  I had 
a couple of boxes once.  Antique dealers tend to like  them, especially in 
Here's a LLL website:  _http://home.earthlink.net/~littlelibrary/_ 
P. S. We still have a huge collection of ML in the store.  Half price  when 
you buy 5 or more.
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I recently discovered a series of numbered books  (pamphlets really,  
about 64 pages each) called the Little Blue  Books. These guys started  
around 1919 and there are around 2,000  titles (more, actually). I  
think I'd like to start a collection of  these. Anybody know where I  
can buy a large lot of these  cheap?


Scot Kamins
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