[ModLib] Buckrams Spotted

B.L. Clark cottonwoodbooks at yahoo.com
Sun May 18 22:34:51 EDT 2008

I went to the big downtown library today browsing in the classics area and lo and behold, a buckram edition!  And another, and another.  I cruised the aisles and found a few we are missing from our spotted list on ModLib. 

232.1 Palgraves, Golden Treasury
193.1 Balzac, Droll Stories
102.3 Forester, African Queen

Also while checking my list against ModLib, I found a couple errors in our list:
Byron should be 195.2, not 195.1
Disraeli should be 46.2, not 46.1

I did not record which binding variants they were, but I know where I can find them if the question comes up.

Benjamin Clark

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