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The Philosophy of Kant was published in December 1949 in Henry's binding 8 (used 1939-63) with the statement "FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, 1949" on the verso of the title page. As far as I'm aware, this first statement was omitted on all subsequent printings.

Variants in subsequent printings prior to 1978 include the Fujita torchbearer on the title page in the late 1960s, a variant of the original jacket with lettering in purplish red instead of black, and a completely redesigned jacket in 1967.

The format in binding 15 ("reissue" format) and the verso described appeared in 1978. The statement "FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, DECEMBER 1949" is merely an indication of when the ML edition was first published.  The statement on the first printing doesn't indicate the month. Before 1978 American copyright was for a period of 28 years with an option for one renewal term of 28 years, hence the statement "Copyright renewed 1977 by Randon [sic] House, Inc."

Does anyone have a later printing of the reissue format with a corrected spelling of Random House? I wonder if anyone at RH  ever noticed the mistake.


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>   I bought a copy of The Philosophy of Kant, Regular
>   ML, G15 spine and thought it was a first edition. 
>   However, it states "First Modern Library edition
>   December 1949" and below that it states "Copyright,
>   1949, by Random House, Inc." and "Copyright renewed
>   1977 by Random House, Inc."  You wouldn't know that
>   the Copyright was renewed in 1977 if the book was
>   actually printed in 1949.
>   Can anyone explain this to me?
>   Thanks
>   Charles Mooney
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