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I think I can confirm Barry's remarks. I have a jacketed copy which I believe is a first. The book has the three blank leaves at the end and?does not have?the list. The DJ has all of the 1921 titles except, surprisingly, the Pepys itself.?The Anderson- Winesburg is the only 1922 title shown.?


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I have copies of both of these. I list the one without the list at the end (it 
does have three blank leaves at the end that would have accommodated a list) as 
the first printing and record the second as a "variant printing" -- but I note 
that priority hasn't been established between them.

Boni & Liveright commonly included forthcoming titles in ML lists (and some 
"ghosts" that were never published at all) so the inclusion of 1922 titles 
doesn't mean it wasn't published before 1922. Pepys was a fall 1921 title and 
was listed in the  "Weekly Record" of newly published books in the Dec. 17, 1921 
issue of Publishers' Weekly. However, B&L sometimes sent books late for 
inclusion in the list.

My copy of the printing with the list of titles at the end has a #3 binding, but 
this doesn't mean anything since B&L warehoused most of their ML books in sheets 
and bound them as needed, so it wasn't unusual for a book printed in one year to 
have a binding that wasn't introduced until a year or two later.

Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio, by the way, was published in December 1921. It sold 
1369 copies that year, and 2632 copies in 1922.


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>   I have two copies of #103.1 Pepys' Diary in Binding
>   #2.  They are identical, except one has a catalogue
>   in back and one doesn't.  The one with a catalogue
>   says that it includes "those published in the fall
>   of nineteen hundred and twenty-one."  However there
>   are several titles in the catalogue that are listed
>   by Toledano as coming out in '22, e.g., Anderson and
>   Lawrence.  I'm guessing that either the one with no
>   catalogue is a first, or neither of them are
>   firsts.  Scot's website first edition points for
>   this title seems to indicate that a first should say
>   "First Modern Library Edition," but the Price Guide
>   has no First Edition point listed.  Anyone know the
>   real answer?
>   John Peterson
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