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On Feb 19, 2008, at 6:11 PM, John Wolansky wrote:

> I think the “First Modern Library Edition” on the price guide  
> question can be answered by looking at page 12 of Toledano, where  
> Henry indicates B&L’s did not have FMLE on the copyright page.  I  
> would not be surprised if Scott corrected the site by the time you  
> read this.

Quite so. ModernLib is clearly in error.

When I created that note I was clearly insane.

Through the miracle of modern Psychiatric medicine and a decent HTML  
editor, both conditions have been greatly improved.

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> Subject: First edition points for Pepys
> I have two copies of #103.1 Pepys' Diary in Binding #2.  They are  
> identical, except one has a catalogue in back and one doesn't.  The  
> one with a catalogue says that it includes "those published in the  
> fall of nineteen hundred and twenty-one."  However there are several  
> titles in the catalogue that are listed by Toledano as coming out in  
> '22, e.g., Anderson and Lawrence.  I'm guessing that either the one  
> with no catalogue is a first, or neither of them are firsts.  Scot's  
> website first edition points for this title seems to indicate that a  
> first should say "First Modern Library Edition," but the Price Guide  
> has no First Edition point listed.  Anyone know the real answer?
> John Peterson
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