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This is a mystery! I'm not even certain about the publication date of the 2nd edition. The expanded edition of Selected Poetry of W. H. Auden was published first as a Vintage paperback in November 1971 and was subsequently added to the ML, probably early in 1972. 

The 2d edition of Bloomfield and Mendelson's Auden bibliography (published in 1972) records a printing of 7,700 copies of the unrevised ML edition in February 1969, but I don't know if this was the last printing of the unrevised edition. The ML edition of Auden's poetry sold very well, judging from the record of printings in the Auden bibliography, so it's possible--I would say likely--there were one or more late printings of the unrevised edition in 1970/71.

ISBN's began to be used in the early 1970s, so it's very possible that an ISBN was assigned to the final printing of the unrevised edition Auden. I'd be interested in seeing the jacket with the ISBN printed on it. Is it on the lower right of the back panel, similar to the location of the ISBN on the 2nd edition? I'm not surprised that the ISBN wasn't changed for the second edition. It should have been, but this was still soon after the introduction of ISBN's, and not all publishers were using them correctly.


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>I remember back a year or so a thread discussing whether or not the first 
>printing of the 2nd edition of Auden's poems (160.2) had an ISBN number or 
>not.  I don't remember whether anyone actually had a 160.2 sans ISBN.
>My wife just found me a copy of the 1st Edition (160.1) that HAS an ISBN 
>number.  It's a #13 binding with blank endpapers and red cloth cover.  The 
>DJ has the older style running torchbearer, with the l' back.   I wonder--is 
>this the last printing of the first edition, or some later DJs printed to 
>clear out an inventory of the first edition?
>An additional curiosity is that this copy of 160.1 has the same ISBN number 
>as 160.2.  I would think that, with 60 additional pages, they would need 
>different ISBN numbers.
>Anyone else have this late 160.1, or any thoughts on this matter?
>John Peterson 
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