[ModLib] W.H. Auden

JOHN PETERSON jpetersonlhi at verizon.net
Sun Feb 10 13:01:47 EST 2008

I remember back a year or so a thread discussing whether or not the first 
printing of the 2nd edition of Auden's poems (160.2) had an ISBN number or 
not.  I don't remember whether anyone actually had a 160.2 sans ISBN.

My wife just found me a copy of the 1st Edition (160.1) that HAS an ISBN 
number.  It's a #13 binding with blank endpapers and red cloth cover.  The 
DJ has the older style running torchbearer, with the l' back.   I wonder--is 
this the last printing of the first edition, or some later DJs printed to 
clear out an inventory of the first edition?

An additional curiosity is that this copy of 160.1 has the same ISBN number 
as 160.2.  I would think that, with 60 additional pages, they would need 
different ISBN numbers.

Anyone else have this late 160.1, or any thoughts on this matter?

John Peterson 

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