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This was the first part of the continuation, again sent to Scot only by mistake.

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Subject: Re: Dust Jacket Date Range Project (second post)
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Continuing with the five authors for this week:
Alcott; Louisa May; Little Women: curently 1950-1950.  I don't own this one.  Henry's guide has the book from 1950 -1955.  Cutting to the chase: can anyone fix 1950 to to 1950S or 1950F.  Can anyone fix 1955 to 1955S or 1955F?
Aliechem, Sholom: Selected Stories: currently 1960-1960. I can move this to 1960 - 1961F. So, can anyone pin down the first 10 1960S or 1960F.  And who has later CONFIRMED jackets?

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