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I sent this early but only to Scot.  I thought I was sending it to the list.

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From: Darrell Johnson <zebradlj at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: New ML Project Starting: Dust Jacket Date Range Project
To: "Scot Kamins" <kamins at modernlib.com>
Date: Monday, December 29, 2008, 10:03 AM

I would be willing to take in the information.  I suggest the following: We'll do five authors a week. I'll work straight down Scot's "Author List."  That means we'll start with
Adams, Henry;  The Eductaion of Henry Adams: Jackets dates:
                         1936-1936 typographical on balloon cloth.
                         1955-1955 pictorial: no background behind Adams portrait, and no "With an introduction by James Truslow Adams"
                        1963-1963 pictorial: has the background and "With an introduction by James Truslow Adams.
                        1970-1970 pictorial: added ML logoin lower left corner.
If you have any of these with CONFIRMED dates in jacket [Use Gordon Neavil's Jacket dating guide] send me the date [zebradlj at yahoo.com].  The guide can pin a jacket down to Spring or Fall of a given year, so report Spring or Fall with the year. For example: anyone with a first edition can quickly move the first jacket to 1931S-1936 or 1931F - 1936 by verifying the 1931S/F listing. The second jacket probably starts in 1939 with the first hardback issue (although it might not have been reissued until 1940 or even 1941 - which is the type of information we can get by doing this carefully!).The third one might overlap with the second one or we might find a clean break in the late fifties or early sixties.  And we would like to no how early the fourth on started: 1967 or 1968 or 1969; this will be harder since jackets no longer had lists and ML seems to randomly placed earlier lists of titles in books during this period.  We won't need interior dates. If
 we get the first jacket to 1931S -1936 we'll only need to move it up beyond 1936 after that.  Any questions, ask to the group. If its not clear to you its probable not clear to others as well!
I'll start this one; I own a ballon cloth whose jacket dates to spring 1936. So now the listing is 1936S - 1936S.
I also have a jacket that dates to fall 1959, but I'll have to go home and look at it before I know if it move the second jacket up or the third jacket down.
Aeschylus: Aeschylus I: currently 1963-1963.  I can move this one to 1960F -1963. So, anyone have a confirmed spring 1960? Or 1963S, 1963F or later?
                  Aeschylus II: currently 1963-1963.   I can move this to 1962F- 1963. So, anyone have a 1962S? Or anything confrirmed later than 1963?
I'm running out of time on the library computer.  I'll post the next three authors for this week in my next e-mail within the hour.

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From: Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com>
Subject: New ML Project Starting: Dust Jacket Date Range Project
To: "ML mailing list" <modlib at owu.edu>
Cc: "Darrell Johnson" <zebradlj at yahoo.com>
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008, 4:56 PM


Darrell Johnson has convinced me to start the Dust Jacket Date Range Project. 
This project has been suggested by others in the past, but I think the time is
now right.

Each dust jacket image on ModernLib currently has a single date associated with
it -- the actual date of the dust jacket scanned in (eg 1936) . That date would
be replaced by a date range (eg 1934- 1938) when that dust jacket was actually
current. A DJ used for just one year would say "1936 only".  If we
haven't determined the range, the date would remain as it is now -- the date
of the DJ actually scanned.

Darrell has offered to be the clearing house for all info; he'd correlate
it and send the info to me. I'd then enter the changes.

All that remains is to figure this out: How do we know how long a DJ was used
-- that is, the first date it was issued as well as the date it was replaced by
a different one.

Let the discussion commence [:: he said, somewhat optimistically ::]!

Scot Kamins
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