[ModLib] New ML Project Starting: Dust Jacket Date Range Project

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 29 12:45:17 EST 2008

Signed editions are not a focus of my ML collecting interest, but I think it
would be interesting to have a some idea of the universe of signed MLs out
there, especially from the more modern authors -- for example, are there any
signed MLs of In Cold Blood or Catch 22, or V? (The latter would be quite a
catch imo).

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>Well, those are very unusual items and has to do with what happens to  
books after they leave the factory. With rare exception, ModernLib has  
been about the series of books as they are created. Signed copies  
would be more in the realm of Ron Holl's Amenities site but I don't  
think he's maintaining it any more.

Still, if there's enough interest, I could set up an area for signed  

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