[ModLib] New ML Project Starting: Dust Jacket Date Range Project

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Mon Dec 29 11:35:45 EST 2008

I'm in. And, why not attach a dollar amount for the first and the dj type as
well.  Over the last year or three there has been some question (if only
from me) as to which price and dj is associated with the first ML edition.

Perhaps we can send Darrell a Lotus for Windows or Excel spreadsheet of our
inventory with Toledano number (eg 3.2), a jacket price, date per volumes
listed per Gordon's most excellent guide, Toledano jacket type (eg d or e)
and the jacket front.

I imagine this would be a mammoth undertaking and if Darrell succeeds, he
deserves a prominent place in the ML world.

John Wolansky

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Darrell Johnson has convinced me to start the Dust Jacket Date Range  
Project.  This project has been suggested by others in the past, but I  
think the time is now right.

Each dust jacket image on ModernLib currently has a single date  
associated with it -- the actual date of the dust jacket scanned in  
(eg 1936) . That date would be replaced by a date range (eg 1934-  
1938) when that dust jacket was actually current. A DJ used for just  
one year would say "1936 only".  If we haven't determined the range,  
the date would remain as it is now -- the date of the DJ actually  

Darrell has offered to be the clearing house for all info; he'd  
correlate it and send the info to me. I'd then enter the changes.

All that remains is to figure this out: How do we know how long a DJ  
was used -- that is, the first date it was issued as well as the date  
it was replaced by a different one.

Let the discussion commence [:: he said, somewhat optimistically ::]!

Scot Kamins
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