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Roger Lathbury lathbury at gmu.edu
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Dear Ms. Dudley:

I am an English professor, the author of a book on _The Great Gatsby,_ a book collector, a publisher, and a long-distance acquaintance of your father's (since Saturday last). It is at his suggestion that I am writing you.

He mentioned that you and he saw an inscribed copy of _The Great Gatsby_ some thirty years ago in San Francisco. I would be most interested in all the details you could give me about this book and the circumstances of your seeing it--specifically:

1. Was it in fact a signed copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel _The Great Gatsby_ to his wife Zelda?

2. How did the inscription read? What did it say?

3. Was it written on the front endpaper or inside the book?

4. Who had the book and what happened to it?

5. Did you hear any more details about the book--its provenance (previous owners), how it came to be where it was, who owned it?

6. Was it for sale? Your father remembers a $1600 asking price. Does that accord with your memory?

7. What condition was it in? What color was the binding?

8. Where did you see it?

9. Anything else. Dust jacket? Attitude of seller? Displayed in a case? Were you made to wear gloves to handle it? General interest of others, or lack thereof?

Please do forgive my importunity. I'd be grateful for any information at all. If you'd rather not e-mail, my address is

 Roger Lathbury
 P. O. Box 320533

The phone here is 703 683-1243. I'd be glad to talk, but e-mail seems more workable these days.

With thanks and cordial salutations,

Roger Lathbury

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From: JOSEPH HILL <goodbooks at webtv.net>
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008 11:12 pm
Subject: Re: [ModLib] _GG_ in Modern Library signed to ZF

"I would love to know what the inscription said"
I don't remember but, it was about five lines. My daughter may remember, shoot her a email.
Irene Dudley
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