[ModLib] Possible cervantes: Don Quiote Variant

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Sat Dec 20 17:56:44 EST 2008

Has anyone seen a balloon cloth printing with the revised introduction? The earliest copy I've seen with the 1938 revised introduction is a copy in the larger format with Joseph Blumenthal's binding design, which I date as spring 1941 on the basis of the list inside the McKnight Kauffer jacket.


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>Subject: [ModLib] Possible cervantes: Don Quiote Variant  
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>   Scott et. al.,                                       
>   I have a regular hardback (t8) copy of Don Quixote.  
>   It has the 1930 copyright date but at the end of the 
>   introduction by Brickell it indicates that the       
>   intro. was revised in 1938.  This suggests 30-38,    
>   38-50, 50-64, and 64-70 rather than the current      
>   30-50, 50-64 and 64-70.                              
>   Thoughts?                                            
>   Darrell                                              
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