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On Dec 15, 2008, at 1:35 PM, Darrell Johnson wrote:

> he  second  one  moved  "Lazarus"  and  added  2  stories  by   
> Andreyev  and the one by  Bunin.
> Scott's list of  updates for  this  title indicates  a need for   
> 17-34,  34-45 and 45-70 based on  a  story   with broken pagination   
> and the  correction  of that problem.  My t8 gives me  an   
> indication that the  stories  were  added  in 1925.   Do  we   need   
> four "editions:" 17-25,  25-34, 34-45  and  45-70?

For completeness, my notes on that title at http://www.modernlib.com/authors/support/notes/notesBestRussianSS.html 
  shows this:

Notes on Best Russian Short Stories

The first edition was replaced in 1934 with an editon combining the  
original stories plus those in Andreyev's Seven That Were Hanged plus  
one additional story (Bunin's The Gentleman From San Francisco). The  
pagination in this later edition was broken, reflecting the combining  
of the original two sources. In 1945 a new edition was published with  
the same stories as the 1934 edition but with continuous pagination.

There is some evidence [unconfirmed] that there's a version of the  
1934 edition without the Seltzer introduction.

First copyright page text:       [ none ]

First binding style:     1

First inverse DJ number:     [ none -- B-L Catalog C2 ]

Dates in print:     1917 - 1934
                               1934 - 1945 (Andreyev added, broken  
                               1945 - 1971 (Same stories but  
continuous pagination)

Confirmed DJ back styles: e - i, o

Confirmed binding styles: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14

Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Intro author:     Thomas Seltzer

Genre:     Short Stories

Original language:     Russian

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano	Barry Neavill	
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