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Sat Dec 13 16:35:37 EST 2008

My fellow collectors,
With the preface that this has been approved by the list moderator, I write  
to you with a very personal request.
Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to get to know several of  
you off line.  You may, or may not know, that my son Sam is  profoundly 
autistic and attends a special needs school run by Birch Family  Services, 
appropriate for his disabilities, here in New York.
I am the treasurer of the social services agency that runs Sam's  school.  We 
are the largest provider of special education preschool  services here in New 
York.  75% of these children qualify for a free or  subsidized school lunch, 
which by government standards means that they are  living close to the 
pover***y line (not allowed to use that word).
These children are part of a  federally program that enhances services for 
students with disabilities.   This year, our funding was cut by approximately 
$377,000 and we were forced to  make the very difficult choice of maintaining 
our staffing and cutting out most  of our budget for educational material and 
books.   We were forced to  choose staff.  Cutting books and educational 
materials from our budget is a  loss that will have a long lasting impact on these 
children.   Reading  at school and at home prepares these children to learn.  It 
is a  devastating loss.
I am writing to ask you to  consider a donation, be it $10, $20, millions, 
zillions or whatever you can, to  support the purchase of books for these 
children.  My goal is to raise  $25,000 by year end for this program.
I have created a simple web site  that I urge you to visit at 
_www.birchservicesfund.org_ (http://www.birchservicesfund.org)   that explains  everything 
and has a direct link to Paypal for donations.  Please use the  "Book Donation" 
Paypal button.  
If you would prefer to write a  check, please email me at either 
_agcpa at aol.com_ (mailto:agcpa at aol.com)  or _alan at goldbergcpa.com_ 
(mailto:alan at goldbergcpa.com)  and I will reply with a  donation form.   Birch is a not for profit 
organization and all  contributions qualify for a federal tax deduction to the 
extent allowed by  law.
Many thanks for your  consideration and again, for allowing me to present 
this request in this  forum.
Alan  Goldberg
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