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ML Collectors:
I’m building pricing tables for each title in ML.  The tables include short info and pricing on each binding style, including whether the binding is confirmed or not.  I can use Henry’s guide, Scott’s confirmed binding styles list, Scott’s jacket library, and my own collection for a lot of information I want to put in.
One item that I can use help on is the status of non-first printings in the first binding style (ex. See question #1).
I am also interested in pinning down the first printing dust jacket # and internal book lists for 2nd and 3rd editions (ex. See question 3).
In addition when I indicate “confirmed” for a binding I will be following it with very abbreviated indications of print date based on the book lists in the books and on the jackets:  R2 Balloon 31-39      Confirmed. F33J, S37B, F38B/J      would indicate confirmation of Fall 1933 Jacket, Spring 1937 Book and Fall 1938 Book and Jacket lists. As I do each title I will ask about these.  Some books or jackets have “mixed” lists. For example I have an Adams; Educations: with spring 1941 Regulars and Fall 1941 Giants list (according to Gordon Neavil’s dating guide).  That lists as: SR41/FG41B.  I have a few Jackets with split lists as well. It seems to be more common in the books though.
A few questions you can help with:
1) Henry Adams; Education (76.2): Needed: Can anyone confirm a Toledano 6 binding that is NOT a designated first? Wanted: Confirmed dates for book or jacket lists for any binding.
2) Needed: Aeschylus V. 1 (310.1): Can anyone confirm a Toledano 8 that is not a designated first?  Aeschylus V. 2 (311.1): same question. Wanted: Confirmed date for any book or jacket lists for any binding.
3) Conrad Aiken; A Comprehensive Anthology of American Poetry (101.3): Needed: Does anyone have a copy with Spring 1944 lists - 299 titles - in book or jacket. Otherwise Fall 1944 is first printing of this 2nd ML edition. Wanted: Confirmed lists for any binding.
4) Conrad Aiken; American Poetry 1671-1928 (101.2): A Comprehensive Anthology: Wanted: With Henry’s suggestion for the jacketed HB, I presume it rather rare despite running from 39-44. Is this so? Wanted: Confirmed lists for any binding. 
5) Conrad Aiken; Modern American Poets (127.2): Needed: Can anyone confirm a Toledano 4 binding not a designated first. Wanted: Confirmed lists for any binding.
6) Conrad Aiken; Twentieth-Century American Poetry (127.3 and 127.4): Needed: 127.3 ends in 1963, 127.4, same title w/content change, is a confirmed first in (t9).  This makes it unlikely that 127.3 was published in (t9) and very unlikely in (t10).  I’m listing them in the table, but as unconfirmed.  Although I expect they will always remain that way, can anyone confirm (t9) or (t10)?  Also: Scott’s site confirms a Buckram, but he does not distinguish between 127.3 and 127.4.  Can anyone confirm either 127.3 or 127.4 in buckram? Distinguishing requires referencing the contents. I only have a 127.3 so I don’t know how they differ. Last on the needed list, I would like to establish the first printing lists for 127.4.  Its probably the Fall 1963 lists.  Can anyone confirm this. Wanted: the dating of any lists in books or jackets for either 127.3 or 127.4
7) Aleichem; Selected Stories 145.2: Wanted: dated book/jacket lists.
8) Grimm/Andersen G76.1: Wanted: dated book/jacket lists.
9) Anderson; Poor White (115.1): Needed: Can anyone confirm a Toledano 4 non-stated- first? Wanted: confirmed dates for any lists in book or jacket. Also: my stated first has a Fall 1925 list (i.e. No Anderson; Poor White); is this consistent with other stated firsts?
10) Andreyev: Seven that were Hanged (45.1); Needed: can anyone confirm a Toledano 1 with something later than the C4 list – i.e., a non-first Toledano1?
11) Lucius Apleius; The Golden Ass (88.2); Needed: Confirmation of a Toledano 4 that its not a designated  first. Wanted: confirmed dates for any lists in books or jackets.
12) Gertrude Atherton: Rezanov: Needed: Can anyone confirm a Toledano 1 that is not a designated first? Wanted: Confirmation of lists in any binding.
Thanks for any help:

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