[ModLib] Latzko Men in War jacket (ML, Inc.)

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Sun Dec 7 15:12:01 EST 2008

I'm making final revisions on my ML bibliography and need to date the ML Inc. jacket (with torchbearer) for Latzko's Men in War (ML 88). I examined Pete Chocheles' copy some years ago but neglected to date the ML list printed on it, and Pete tells me he sold that copy on eBay after he acquired a first printing of the book from Henry Toledano's collection.

If anyone has this jacket I'd be grateful for a scan or photocopy including the list of titles so I can date it for the bibliography. My guess is that it will be 1925 or 1926, since the ML discontinued Men in War in fall 1928. It could be on a Boni and Liveright printing, since Cerf and Klopfer sold copies inherited from B&L in ML, Inc. bindings and jackets, or it could be on the single ML, Inc. printing.

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