[ModLib] How long was the Illustrated Brothers Karamazov in print?

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The Brothers Karamazov was one of the initial group of Illustrated ML titles published in fall 1943. I believe the last printing was 1947, so copies may have been available for sale through the 1940s or even into the early 1950s. There are significant variations from one printing to another. The first printing was from the plates used for the regular ML edition; subsequent printings were from new plates made specifically for the Illustrated Modern Library.  There were three different binding spine designs. The first printings were issued in slipcases. Gravure plates were added in 1945. Slipcases were replaced by clear acetate jackets in 1946. Initially the acetate jackets were silkscreened. The 1947 printing also had acetate jackets but substituted glued-on paper labels for the silkscreened lettering, saving between 4 and 5 cents a copy. Only about half of the copies printed in 1947 were bound in Illustrated ML bindings. Some of the unbound sheets ended up in regular ML bindi
gs and were sold with the regular series in regular ML jackets.


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>   Hi Scot,
>   I appreciated all of your help with my last Mod Lib
>   question, and I've got another easy one for you.
>    How many years was the illustrated edition of
>   Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov in print?  I ask
>   because I've spotted a nice copy with the dj as a
>   local bookstore, and I'm wondering how rare of a
>   thing that is to find....
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