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That is true, along with Peter Pan, Tarzan, Princess of Mars.


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> I am the first person to throw stones at the modern modern library, > however if it weren’t for them publishing King Kong I never would have > read it. Certainly it is not a classic, I’m not arguing that but isn’t > the point of publishing to keep the work available to be read. If that > is the only thing Random House can manage today that is not too bad. 
As I mentioned on this list after my raid on Powell's City of Books a few weeks ago, I bought a 1994 ML copy of Einstein's Ideas and Opinions. I was aware of the list's preference for earlier MLs but with several different editions available and a nice one from ML I thought why not? If one sets aside one's prejudice of the later editions, it is actually a very nice book, nice DJ, older style running torchbearer logo, all in all, not bad for five bucks. I hope no one is too upset to know that I keep it right on the shelf in it's proper place among my other MLs. The other books don't seem to mind. In fact it resides between Dreiser's Sister Carrie and The Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson. However, 
I recieved 75 dollar gift card to Powell's for my birthday last week so I have another raid planned, possibly tomorrow. Will keep you all posted on developments...rob. 
--"Cogito ergo...how does that go again?"...rewjr. 
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