[ModLib] King Kong in the Modern Library

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I am the first person to throw stones at the modern modern library,
however if it weren't for them publishing King Kong I never would have
read it. Certainly it is not a classic, I'm not arguing that but isn't
the point of publishing to keep the work available to be read. If that
is the only thing Random House can manage today that is not too bad.



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The offshoots are pretty much listed as catagories.  ie: chronicle,
classic, bs(Like King Kong, give me a break).  So it wouldn't be
impossible, just a project for several collaborators.  The pricing would
be the trick.But I always the guide was designed to be a guide to the
collector.  Wouldn't it be nice to make the quide without the price.
That would save a lot ot time and perhaps some enmity.
Say what?


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