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It has often struck me that are many people who do a lot of book buying and selling on ebay who seem to think that the copyright date indicates the publication year!  
I think you have a seller and three buyers who have all  (wittingly or unwittingly) made this mistake. 
If 1908 is the actual year of first publication of War In The Air, then seeing that copyright date leads these folks to think they have a true first on their hands - if a true first lists somewhere at $200 it becomes reasonable to bid $200 for this one. In fact, if it lists higher, all three bidders might think they are taking the seller for a ride!
Unscrupulous sellers who realize that others make this mistake will state the copyright date and leave out any further decriptions that might clue someone else into the fact that there's a problem in believing this to be a true first.

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The ad has essentially no description. Perhaps that's the charm of it.

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