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Don and others,
I HAVE a guide without pricing. It currently has 778 authors; 1363 titles; in 2066 styles (e.g. regular, giant, 80's faux, Chronicles hardback, War, Food, etc.) ; that appear in 2463 formats (e.g. leatherette, balloon cloth, hardback, etc.); which appear in 6037potential sub-formats (e.g. BL 17-19, BL 19-25, ML leatherette 23-25 etc.).  The sub-formats are potential because not all sub-formats have confirmed sightings - but they're included in case they are eventually sighted.
I actually made the original inquiry because I have starting entering price-guide info to each sub-format of each format of each style of each title.  I'm having to use Henry's 2000 guide for the 1917-1970 stuff.  But that is dated and I was hoping that someone who buys and sells books frequently enough make good judgments about changed pricing was working on new pricing so that I could use less dated estimates.
In addition I have been considering pricing for the newer stuff:
For almost all of these I have decided, based on my experience, on a pricing scale.  I have approximately 14 Half-Price Bookstores in my metro location that I can hit any time I please; with 2 of them a mere 2 miles away, which get visited frequently; as well as about 7 others in other metro centers that I drive through on occasion.  I have found that if I am patient I can get most titles from 1 -3 years after publication at half price.  And I can wait for designated first printings that are clean and virtually unmarked.  So on the one hand I am tempted to rate most of my books at ½ of original issue price - which is what I did in my ownership table's estimated values for owned copies.  On the other hand, I have started a pricing table for the 90’s hardbacks that I thik I should switch to. It runs along the following lines:
First/Fine/Fine: 100% of First Printing’s Published Price (FPP$ for short)
First/VG/Fine:    96% of FPP$
First/Fine/VG:    84% of FPP$
First/VG/VG:      80% of FPP$
Later/Fine/Fine:  50% of FPP$
First w/o Jacket:  40% of FPP$
Later w/o Jacket: 25% of FPP$
Reasoning for the table: If you can locate a Fine/Fine/First and keep it in that condition I think it should maintain its original value.  I thought a VG/VG/First should be worth about 80% of a Fine/Fine/First.  The two intervening values follow Henry’s guideline that the Jacket is 4 times the importance of the book; so a total of 20% difference between Fine/Fine to VG/VG would have the book losing 4% and the Jacket 16% of the original total. And the two intervening values follow that.
The later Fine/Fine should have it price based on the Original First’s price and not it’s current published price (since normally if its different it would be higher, but that shouldn’t bear upon its value relative the first’s value).  50% for a later is based on the fact that I find most of my books at Half-Price stores and they do not make any distinction for 1st or later printings: the title is the title and the policy is to price them at half the list price (which leads them to price some later printings higher because the list price has gone up). And half the original price, in general, seems a fair price for fine/fine if you disregard the printing #.
The W/O jackets prices are a gut feeling.
I have thought of exceptions to this general scheme but I won't mention them unless people show an interest carrying on the discussion.
Anyone who collects any of the later stuff have any comments? Anyone who sells the later stuff based on printing # and condition have any comments?

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The pricing would be the trick.  Wouldn't it be nice to make the quide without the price.  


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