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ML gang.

Below are some of the comments generated by my question:
The pricing is what I was most interested in finding out about.
I collect all of the off-shoots. I have at least one of each of the following: Paperback Classics,  the harbacks begun in 1992, the paperback begun late in the 90's, Food series, War series, Gardening series, Exploration series, Humor series, Harlem Renaissance series, Rediscovery series, Chronicles - both hardback and paperback series.
I've spent the last four years building a Microsoft Access datebase of all of the original ML's (Pre 1970) and as many of the newer titles as I can keep up with.  I've recently started to put pricing information  into the database. I've been "borrowing" pricing from Henry's 2000 guide for the older stuff.  I'm building in a very comprehensive table for each title tied to the book style.  For example: if I'm veiwing a Regular title and I hit the "View Price Guide" hot-button I get a list like this:
First                With Jacket  $x 
R1L1 17-19       N

What do you cover; so many off-shoots have been added to Modern Library since 1999?. Perhaps someone would approach Henry and offer to revise the current edition. The offshoots are pretty much listed as catagories.  ie: chronicle, classic, bs(Like King Kong, give me a break).So it wouldn't be impossible, just a project for several colaborators.  The pricing would be the trick. But I always the guide was designed to be a guide to the collector.Wouldn't it be nice to make the quide without the price.

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