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This is fun!

Book: G70
Descriptor:  G6 binding no dj (if I recall correctly)
Movie: 84 Charring Cross Road.
Scene: In the last quarter of the movie
Comment: Anne Bancroft playing Helene Hanff "Somebody gave me this book for Christmas.  It's a Giant Modern Library book.  Did you ever see one of those?  It's less attractively bound than the Proceedings of the New York State Assembly and it weighs more.  It was given to me by a gent  who knows I'm fond of John Donne.  The title of this book is: The Complete Poetry & Selected Prose of JOHN DUNNE & The Complete Poetry of WILLIAM BLAKE?  The question mark is mine.  Will you please tell me what those two boys have in common?-- except they were both English and they both Wrote?"  She continues, at length, disparaging the ML Giant and eventually all abridgments.  The quote above is copied from the book, which as I recall was quoted virtually verbatim in the movie.  
Contributor: Benjamin Clark

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Here's the permanent link to the new feature "Modern Library in the Movies":
Feel free to contribute additions.
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