[ModLib] 90's hardback Large Print Edtitions

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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I have a first printing of the regular format 1995 (not 1993) edition. The ISBN is 0-679-60171-6. This ISBN shouldn't have been used for the later large-print edition. If it was, this was a blunder on the part of Random House.


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>Subject: [ModLib] 90's hardback Large Print Edtitions  
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>   Modern Librarians,
>   A couple days ago I picked up something I didn't
>   realize was available: A Large Print Edition of
>   Louisa May Alcott's Modern Magic.  It has the same
>   ISBN as the regular edition.  The spine on both the
>   jacket and the book indicates Large Print Edition. 
>   This is the first one I've ever seen.  It was an
>   early title - 1993 - which was dropped in 1999. 
>   Is anyone aware of other titles produced in Large
>   Print Editions? Are they all early titles?  Do they
>   still produce any?
>   What light can anyone shed on this mystery?!?!?! 
>   Drop everything you're doing and respond
>   emmediately.  I'll check e-mail in a week or two.
>   Thanks.
>   Darrell
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